Zoom Brands is the annual meeting on brand communication promoted by the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster in collaboration with Foment del Treball and Dircom Catalunya, mainly aimed at advertising professionals, communication directors, corporate communication managers, marketing and well-known agents in Catalonia’s audiovisual sector.
Its aim is to reflect and analyze innovations and disruptive trends in the audiovisual, communicative and advertising landscape.



Supported by the Ministry of the Presidency of the Catalan Government and ACCIÓ.
In collaboration with Foment del Treball, Dircom and Foodservice Cluster.


2023 Artificial Intelligence for Brand Communication

Recently, AI has become popular and has reached a level of sophistication unthinkable a few years ago. Its uses and applications represent a great opportunity for brand communication, which are struggling to make a place for themselves in a digital scenario saturated with information. From the generation of content using techniques such as deepfake to sound and voice editing, through emotion analysis or campaign personalization, AI offers valuable tools that allow to improve creativity, optimize work processes and maximize brand impact. In this Zoom Brands we learned about the latest AI trends and solutions for this sector and debated, among others, the ethical implications of this accelerated automation.

Introduction by David Lahoz and round table with Albert Giménez, Josep M. Ganyet and Ramon Arteman. Conducted by Bibiana Ballbè.

2022 Events & Brands

There are more and more brands that opt for events as a tool to promote themselves and transmit the values with which they identify and through which they want to be recognized. Therefore, conferences, events and meetings become a very powerful tool that allows the public to establish an emotional bond with the brand and with the community that is organized around them and of which they are a part. While developing a good brand experience is essential to your success, it is not the only factor to consider. Content is often intertwined with technology through companies that do a comprehensive design of innovative audiovisual solutions in order to carry out the most popular events. With Mike Blackman, Carlos Henao, Joel Mestre. Conducted by Pipo Serrano.

2021 Branded content with Purpose

In a time of profound transformation we are forced to reevaluate and reflect on what it means to be human and about our way of life, relating and consuming. The brands that are best adapting to this paradigm shift are those that have a clear purpose.

Branded Content, on the other hand, is a communication asset produced by a brand aiming at transmitting its values and connect to an audience that devotes its time of attention to finding relevant content. We analize some ways i which it acts as stimulator of brand purposes. With Ana Palencia, Carlos Sanchez-Llibre i Marc Ros. Conducted by Leticia Iglesias.

2020 Brands & Covid

Significant changes in audiovisual consumption have taken place in times of Covid, while we have seen an acceleration in the application of technologies to personalize content. At the same time, the need to adopt values ​​such as sustainable consumption is being emphasized, while brands are showing their social commitment.

In front of this new normality, we wonder if we are also facing a new paradigm of communication, what will be the needs in telework environments, how have the habits, leisure and needs of consumers changed and what are brands, in need of resilience, are expecting from these changes.

ConsumiLOLS: how to connect with new audiences

Neither controllable nor predictable: ephemeral and impulsive. Millennials and Generation Z are indifferent to the structures we know. Who are they? How are they? How do they act? The way they understand the world marks how they relate to consumer goods. For brands and agencies, the challenge is to understand them and create content that they connect with. Is it enough to translate messages into their language have an impact on them? What are the most effective channels to do so? With Adrià Farrero, Jordi Rosàs, Noemí Cuní and Laia Mas.

2018 Influencers, the new audiovsiual marketing

In 2018, brands invested more than 2.5 billion euros in influencers on Instagram alone. Thath reflects the bet that major brands are making on social media and new digital environments.

In order to analyze this phenomenon, Zoom Marques invited a selection of influencers and celebrities with wide experience in the field influencer marketing so that agencies, brands and producers can explore the possibilities that this it represents for their businesses. With Santi Millán, Lucas Lorén, Ona Carbonell, Daniel Illescas and Roc Massaguer.

2017 Brands as media, from branded content to branded channel for platforms and new audiences

Brands have long been exploring new formulas such as the creation of their own audiovisual media. TV channels, applications, online platforms with their own content… A new model that opens new paths in the relationship between the audiovisual sector, agencies and brands. With Lavínia Next, Obra Social La Caixa, & Rosàs, Zoopa and Nestlé.

2016  Case studies of virtual reality in brand communication

VR, AR and XR are transforming audiovisual language and are rapidly being incorporated in all areas of communication. Brands, then, find in virtual reality a new way to connect with audiences, seducing them, informing them, entertaining them and making them participate. Zoom Marks analyzes the success stories of the application of this technology in advertising communication. With Visyion, Iberdrola, Antaviana, Metropolitana, Create, and Minushu.


Second meeting for brands, agencies and audiovisuals producers where the cases of Gas Natural Fenosa and El Terrat were presented.

2014 Colaborative communication

The first of Zoom Brands with Damm, Oglivy, Gestmusic and CCMA.