What’s new? Trends and news from Cluster members at ISE 2024

As part of the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster program at the ISE 2024 fair, on Wednesday January 31 at 3:30 p.m., will take place the activity “What’s new? Trends and news ISE 2024“, where ten partner companies will explain the solutions they present during the fair.

A preview of what they will present:


blit-studio: Marc Colomines (Creative Director) will present how anamorphic 3D advertising works. It will explain how audiovisual technique has transformed conventional on-screen advertising into transmedia campaigns.

Ebantic: Carles Rams (CEO) will explain how the digital presence of content is increasingly important for any company. Aware of this, Ebantic makes available to the market a comprehensive solution that allows you to centralize and act as a node for all online communication.

EGM Studio: Marc Virgili (Project Manager) will explain how they work on creating content for Automotive and Jewelry: 3D OOH, AR and XXSS.

Eurecat: Mònica Andreu (Head of Cultural and Creative Industries Market) will present how they work on technologies such as the application of sensors to improve the sustainability and conservation of structures, artificial intelligence and robotics. How are major application trends in the audiovisual sector and its ecosystem.

Eyesberg: José Vaaliña (Visual Artist & Director) will explain how AI and real-time content generation revolutionizes the creation process of this multimedia art studio.

LOWKEYMOVES: Sebastián Soriano (Co-Founder, Creative & Music Consultant), will present this creative studio that connects brands with audiences through music, culture and technology. At ISE 2024, they present their new technological solution, the ‘AI Digital Avatars’, digital humans connected to a conversational AI capable of interacting with users through voice in real time, solving their needs efficiently thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

NRDmultimedia: Roman Ceano (International Business Development Manager) will talk about linear TV channels, their monetization and the new paradigm they represent. Connected television extraordinarily expands the monetization opportunities for traditional (“linear”) television, but poses disruptive challenges that force a paradigm shift.

OnionlabAleix Fernandez (Co-Fundador & CEO) will present OnInOff, a powerful and scalable solution for designing interactivity in spaces. OnInOff simplifies capturing objects and people in multi-camera setups, allowing you to focus on creativity across multiple software platforms.

Terres: Santi Valldepérez (CEO) will present the Terres Festival and the Terres CHECK-IN 2024. They are two unique platforms to give visibility to tourist audiovisual communication.

Watchity: Albert Rodés (CEO) will present the new Video Engagement Platform. It is a comprehensive solution for the management, production, distribution and dynamization of online events and audiovisual content focused on maximizing audience engagement and promoting communication to companies, brands and public entities.

WindowSight: Pol Rosset (CEO) will present the advances that the company has made during the last year, the new integration with a new International Signage Partner and the new version of the TV application and its impact.