The member companies and the Catalan AV Cluster present at the ISE 2024 Fair

The largest audiovisual fair in the world is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in this edition that will take place from January 30 to February 2 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via. The Catalan Audiovisual Cluster has collaborated with ISE since 2019, when the fair moved to Barcelona from Amsterdam. The Cluster acts as a connecting agent of the fair with the Catalan industry and institutions.

This year, the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster is present at the fair within the framework of the Catalonia Pavilion of the Catalan Government (CS100 – Congress Square) and at the stand shared with the Barcelona City Council (CS224 – Congress Square).


Some member companies of the Cluster present unique audiovisual experiences and solutions, such as:

Sono (4D330 – Hall 4): based in Barcelona, Sono is the leading company in audiovisual services, with comprehensive solutions for events, integration and museum projects, stages and permanent audiovisual installations. At the 2024 edition of ISE, Sono presents the star installation of the fair’s twentieth anniversary: the largest invisible LED screen in Europe. With 193 square meters, this screen will be located at the South Access of Fira de Barcelona Gran Vía and will become a permanent installation. Among others, the screen will broadcast the show Bee Barcelona, by digital artist Jeroen van der Most. It will be on Wednesday, January 31 at 12:30 and 7:00 p.m. at the South entrance of the Fira.

Epson (3J100 – Hall 3): the world’s largest manufacturer of projectors will present an immersive projection developed from the company’s latest technology. In the projection, a huge umbrella unfolds to give rise to a multicolored waterfall, which is intended to recall some of the most iconic festivities in the world (the Gràcia festivities in Barcelona; the Chinese New Year; the Japanese festivals Tango No Sekku, Kodomo – no-hi (Children’s Day) and Cherry Blossom; the Portuguese AgitÁgueda Art festival; the Busan fireworks festival; or the Thai Yi Peng & Loy Krathong festival). In addition, Epson will show how it uses its technology to drive the full transformative potential of projection in education, retail or corporate environments.

Eyesberg (CS100 – Catalonia Pavilion): multimedia art studio based in Barcelona specialized in transforming environments into interactive and immersive works of art. They present 1.5 grados, an adaptation of an immersive experience that wants to make us reflect on climate change and the importance of glaciers, on which the stability that life on Earth requires depends. Eyesberg has collaborated with La Fura dels Baus on several occasions as well as with the Gran Teatre del Liceu in the production Turandot.

Panasonic (3J500 – Hall 3): Panasonic Connect Europe is a division of the Panasonic Group focused on business-to-business (B2B) business transactions. They invite visitors to travel through the cosmos in an immersive experience with 4K content, where they can explore galaxies thanks to their projectors and an interactive globe. Additionally, Panasonic will introduce an immersive meeting room with projection to drive collaboration, training and learning in business and higher education.

Lang (3H500 – Hall 3): Lang Iberia is a German-Spanish distributor of technology for visual presentations. They showcase a wide range of new and innovative products, including displays, innovative applications in image processing as well as developments in the field of drones. In the Drone Arena (hall 6), attendees will be able to have a hands-on experience flying a drone.

INFiLED (3C100 – Hall 3): the global LED screen manufacturer celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and in Barcelona it will do so on January 31 and February 1 at 7 p.m. at the INFiLED Barcelona Experience Center (Avenida Diagonal 361, Local 2). At ISE, the company also offers the possibility of experiencing the latest innovations in LED screen technology. This includes demonstrations of INFiLED’s product portfolio, which includes the latest products as well as Infinite Colors and CBSF Technology to deliver unparalleled visual experiences.

Partner companies with their own booth:

d&b audiotechnik (7E150 – Hall 7 and Audio Demo Rooms E7 – Hall 8): present a range of new generation audio solutions, all under the banner of the MILAN standard. These new products demonstrate d&b’s dedication to driving the industry forward with future-proof technology. Additionally, in the Audio Demo Room E7 in Hall 8, visitors can hear from industry experts how they are innovating and exploring the power of sound in different types of projects and in a wide range of sectors.

Espronceda (4D200 – Hall 4): present IMMENSIVA, an international platform for artists and creatives working with advanced technologies such as VR, AR, AI, sensors and many others.

Watchity & Ebantic (4H820 – Hall 4): Watchity presents its video engagement platform, with more functionalities and features aimed at professional audiovisual communication of companies and entities. Ebantic presents the new functionalities that the programs that make up the DAM4cloud Suite incorporate. With special attention to Newsportal, a web portal, designed specifically for media and companies that need to publish news and events dynamically.


Partner companies at the Barcelona City Council booth (CS224 – Congress Square):

blit-studio: They present the creation of 3D content for outdoor screens, “Naked eye 3D advertisements” and how anamorphic 3D advertising works.

LOWKEYMOVES: present their new technological solution, the ‘AI Digital Avatars’, digital humans connected to a conversational AI capable of interacting with users through voice in real time, solving their needs efficiently thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

OnInOff: Onionlab presents OnInOff, a powerful and scalable solution for designing interactivity in spaces. It simplifies capturing objects and people in multi-camera setups, allowing you to focus on creativity across various software platforms.

Partner companies at the Catalonia Pavilion (CS100 – Congress Square):

Blackfish: Specialized in innovative technical solutions, Blackfish offers a complete range of services that range from productions and streaming to the assembly and management of LED screens, mappings, projections and integration of extended and augmented reality.

Computer Vision Center: They present their projects and research capabilities in computer vision applied to the audiovisual industry.

EGM Studio: company that creates visual content for large formats. You can see how 3D Generation, 2D/3D Animation, Audiovisual Production and Post-Production and Augmented Reality work.

Eurecat: they work on technologies such as the application of sensors to improve the sustainability and conservation of structures, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Fluendo: they present their latest developments, among which the consulting services and the Fluendo Lab stand out, where their R&D&i projects are developed. They will present innovative solutions based on video processing, interactive content creation and audio enhancement, using AI-based computer vision, next-generation codecs and multimedia frameworks for edge devices.

NRDmultimedia: present Vector3 solutions, NRD’s brand of solutions for television and media automation. Automated solutions for content production, ingestion and multi-channel playout stand out.

WindowSight: they present the solution to integrate their platform into different signage software and have an installation in the Catering Area of Hall 6 with several screens.