This year is the fourth edition. 26 students and/or graduates from a total of 8 Catalan universities are participating, which have been distributed in 8 work teams linked to the following projects:


With the collaboration of the ESAD (School of Dramatic Art) of the Institut del Teatre.

Two artistic projects are taking part: Laia, by Marta Gastón, with the audiovisual production by Paula Ríos (UAB), Mònica Bou (UAB), Marc Freixa (UAB) and Laura Cahís (Blanquerna); and No (w) here, by Natalia Barraza, with the audiovisual production by Xavier Calvo (UPF), Alba Díaz (URV) and Mario Pasamontes (Blanquerna).


With the collaboration of the CSD (Conservatory of Dance) from Institut del Teatre.

The 4 finalists for the 2021 Theater Institute Dance Award: Black sun, by Maria Jurado, with the audiovisual production by Iyad Djellali (UVic) and Raúl Murillo (UVic); Las ondas de la guitarra (The waves from the guitar), by Adrián Vega, with the audiovisual production by Alexia Colom (Blanquerna), Berta Jiménez (Blanquerna), Isabel Mier (Blanquerna) and Jan Puig (Tecnocampus); Antes todo esto era campo (Before all this was a field), by Laura Lliteras and Marina Fullana, with audiovisual production by Isabel Mier (Blanquerna), Joan Isern (Blanquerna) and Alejandro Pujol (Blanquerna); and Me parece que sufren lo que en mi profesión llaman nostalgia (I think they suffer what in my profession they call nostalgia), by Javier Ara, with audiovisual production by Christian Medrano (Tecnocampus), Laia Maza (URV) and Carles Lairini (EMAV / UAB / CIFO).


With the collaboration of the ESEM Musicians Workshop (School of Musical Studies).

The project, in which the artist Mariona Vega participates, is made audiovisual by Noelia Serrano (Tecnocampus), Laura López (UPF), Elena Luna (UPF) and Laila Medina (UPF).


With the collaboration of the Rogelio Rivel Circus Arts Center (Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel).

The artists Maria Antonia Roig, Hannes Berger and Laura Raya are taking part. The audiovisual production is by Isaac García (UVic), Arnau Salvador (UPC) and Cristina Virgili (UVic).


The use of audiovisual technology as a stage language has a long way to go. For years, and even more so after confinement, we have had easy access to recordings of plays, opera in cinema format, video dance pieces, and so on. The pandemic and restrictions on capacity have led to new exhibition formats and media, such as the creation of exhibition platforms associated with theatres and festivals. Face-to-face, necessary for the live arts, takes on a new dimension with the acceleration of new transmedia stages where streaming opens the door to new possibilities for live art. The question now is whether the advancement of the digitization of the performing arts is a concrete response to a context of restrictions on attendance or will it have continuity in the future. Coinciding with the presentation of the work of the Talent Pact project, we will reflect on the continuity over time of this new scenario for the audiovisual.


Narcís Puig

Narcís Puig

Assistant to the artistic direction of the Temporada Alta Festival

He began his career in the theatrical world in 2005 in the artistic direction team of the Teatre Lliure during the direction of Àlex Rigola, with whom he also worked at the theater festival of the Venice Biennale. He is currently co-responsible for the artistic programming of the Temporada Alta (High Season) and is especially concerned with artistic relations and international projects.

Georgina Oliva

Georgina Oliva

Director of programming and content at Teatre Lliure

Degree in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy and postgraduate in Human Rights and Prevention of Torture. She has coordinated projects such as the Free Women Artistic and Social Forum for Teatre Lliure and Silences (Silencis), an educational project for Dadà Barcelona. She has been assistant director on several occasions with Juan Carlos Martel, Àlex Rigola and Àngels Aymar, among others. She is the co-founder of Kepler Mission Films, a production company specializing in documentaries.

Jordi Oriol

Jordi Oriol

Actor, author and theater director

He has written and directed around twenty theatrical shows such as La mala dicció, Europa Bull, ESQUERDES PARRACS ENDERROCS with Carles Santos, L’EMPESTAT and SAFARI Pitarra. As an actor he has worked under the direction of Àlex Rigola, Xavier Albertí, Carlota Subirós, Pau Miró, Roger Bernat and Alex Serrano, among others; and has also starred in films and several television series. In 2007 he founded the artistic group Indi Gest, with whom he created his shows.


Manuel Pérez i Muñoz

Manuel Pérez i Muñoz

Journalist and theater critic

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia and Master in Advanced Reporting from Ramon Llull University. He made his debut as a cultural journalist for TeatreBCN magazine and continued in publications such as Hamlet, El Temps and Time Out Barcelona. He currently directs the magazine Entreacte, as well as acting as a critic for El Periódico de Catalunya. He coordinates the Street Arts Critics Award and is the co-author of the theatrical essay book The Street is Ours (El carrer és nostre).

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