The Switch Observatory is a project that looks into trends of audiovisual, a changing industry. It identifies which are the new accelerating digital technologies and proposes a critical reflection on the impact they will have on the audiovisual.

It started in November 2021 with a bimonthly newsletter and in April 2023 it is expanded with a web repository of the most outstanding articles and the edition of a digital magazine open to everyone.

The Switch Report: L’audiovisual Augmentat offers, exclusively in Catalan, a snapshot of the main trends and impacts that artificial intelligence, immersive audiovisual and blockchain are having on the development of the audiovisual industry.

In January 2024, as part of the ISE Fair, AI Behind the Screen was published, a new English edition of the digital magazine. It is the most comprehensive report carried out to date on the impact of artificial intelligence on the audiovisual industry. AI Behind the Screen analyzes the current state and dominant trends in the automated generation of text, images, video, audio, music and data analytics.

The project has the editing and care of content in charge of Collateral Bits.

On this page you can find L’audiovisual augmentat and AI Behind the Screen reports and the repository of articles and content that have been published in the Switch newsletter.

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Published in January 2024 at ISE Fair

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Published in April 2023

Rewatch L’audiovisual augmentat presentation

Held at Pompeu Fabra University on April 25 2023

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The contents of the Switch newsletter are exclusively in Catalan.