13 Cluster members incorporate Shared Value into their business models

Last February 22, the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster hosted the last workshop of the training program in Shared Value that has been developed since last October.

Shared Value is a concept that refers to the intersection of practices that bring economic value and at the same time social value to a company. Thanks to the support of ACCIÓ and the mediation of the consultancy R4S (Roots For Sustainability) it was possible to carry out this pilot program which has reflected on how to integrate the Shared Value in companies as a strategy in favor of the generation of new business opportunities.

One aspect of the program has been to reflect together as a sector on how audiovisual can be a purposeful business area and how Shared Value can be incorporated as a mode of business management. In the case of the audiovisual sector, for example, we talk about the environmental impact generated by filming and the participation of dissident groups both in the artistic and production teams and their representation within the content that is created.

A second aspect of the program has been to accompany the companies that wanted to start the process of completing the BCorp tools, a standard that allows each organization to make a diagnosis of its situation in the application of Shared Value in its day-to-day life and which serves as a guideline for how to continue improving and working.

13 partner companies have completed the BCorp tools in a sufficient percentage to be considered “finishers” of the project and have been able to start a transformation process from different perspectives. They are 023, Metropolitana, Broadcaster, the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA), ITES, ADN, Benecé Produccions, SONO, Lavinia, Minoria Absoluta, NRDmultimedia, Sabatellini & Associats and the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya.

The program has also resulted in 9 collaborative initiatives so that the sector as a whole, with the potential leadership of the Cluster, continues to work on creating business opportunities with shared value.

Sensitive to the need to generate contexts for an audiovisual business that is more attentive to ethics and sustainability, the Audiovisual Cluster already dedicated in 2021 an edition of its already traditional advertising trends event Zoom Marques to Branded Content with a purpose. Greenshooting and sustainability in film and television filming were also the topics that kicked off the last edition of the Audiovisual Talent Week in November 2022.

The Cluster, a fundamental actor in the ISE, the most important AV fair in the world

Barcelona is consolidated as the great venue for the meeting of the audiovisual industry with the most successful edition of the ISE fair, in which it has broken attendance records with an increase of 20,000 visitors compared to previous editions in the city.

Since 2019, when it was announced that the fair would be installed in Catalonia, the Audiovisual Cluster has acted as a connector between the fair and the Catalan industry, creating contexts to favor the visibility of associated companies and the internationalization of the sector.

In this edition, the Cluster has also acted as an identifier of the most innovative trends, organizing two conferences on virtual production with LED screens, which were very well received by those attending the fair. The sessions were held on one of the main stages, which was filled with an audience interested in listening to the reflections and experiences offered by the expert partner companies and the keynote by Lux Machina, an international company that is a pioneer in this technique and responsible for projects such as The Mandalorian.

Another highlight was the first meeting of Catalan OTT platforms, organized by the Cluster and held at the CCMA’s booth. The main initiatives (CCMA, Filmin, XAL, Liceu, CaixaForum+) participated with the aim of creating a meeting time for a large part of the industry and cooperating to promote Catalan content in a new European scenario in which OTTs are positioned as one of the main windows to entertainment.

With the aim of strengthening internationalization and of the creation of a Catalan audiovisual cooperation network with other countries, the Cluster organized the second meeting of international audiovisual clusters with an exclusive program designed to generate synergies and long-term cooperation contexts. Clusters from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium and other clusters from the rest of the Spain such as Navarra joined.

Lastly, there was a varied program at Agora, a space of the Audiovisual Cluster’s booth shared with the Barcelona City Council. Cluster members participated with their proposals and experts on the subject. A work session was organized on companies in the service segment, as well as presentations on audiovisual innovations in concerts and on how tourism and audiovisual are connected.

About thirty Cluster members were present both in their own stands and in those shared with other companies, such as the ACCIÓ’s Catalonia Pavilion or the Barcelona City Council’s booth. Some of them also presented their own exclusive installations and others participated as speakers in sessions or in other spaces of the extensive program of the fair.

With more than 58,000 attendees from 155 countries, this year’s edition of the ISE, which took place between January 31 and February 3, closes with the best balance since landing in Barcelona. According to an ACCIÓ study, more than eight million euros of business volume have been generated.

The Catalan AV Cluster and its companies will be at the ISE Fair 2023

This year, ISE Fair is held from January 31st to February 3rd at Fira Barcelona Gran Via. We have collaborated with the ISE since 2019, when the fair moved to Barcelona from Amsterdam. Since then, the Catalan AV Cluster has acted as a connecting agent for the fair with the industry and Catalan institutions.

As in the previous edition, the Catalan AV Cluster is present at the fair in its own booth shared with Barcelona City Council (CS300, hall 5), where there will be a unique immersive experience created by SONO where you can scan your image and it will become part of the most iconic places of architecture in the city of Barcelona.


Some members of the Cluster exhibit unique audiovisual experiences and solutions, such as:

Onionlab presents the Xarxa installation, in collaboration with the ephemeral architecture studio Haus Of Color, which consists of a laser installation that was also installed at the Smart City fair. It will be located on the Walkway in the upper area of Hall 2.

Gestmusic (Banijay Iberia) presents its avant-garde virtual screen, a new experience for any type of company that wishes to make a production based on virtual environments with high-end technology. The set manages to integrate virtual environments where it is possible to design and record audiovisual products, from commercials to television programs, fiction and entertainment.

d&b audiotechnik will be exhibiting a range of installation-specific technology and design solutions. In its Demo Room, visitors will be invited to experience the d&b Soundscape and learn about object-based audio playback and its benefits. It will be located in Demo Room E1 in the Sound Demo Rooms area of Hall 8.

Windowsight collaborates with ISE Fair presenting an exhibition that reflects the innovative spirit of Barcelona. They have worked with 30 international artists and photographers to create a memorable visual experience. It can be seen on the Walkway that leads to Hall 8, where the new Sound Demo Rooms space is located.

INFiLED (3R600, 6E350) will feature more than tan installations in its booth. INFiLED’s must-see displays include a fully operational XR studio for a real-time demonstration of advanced xR and virtual production solutions and the ultimate transparent touring solution TITAN-X.

Lavinia Services will be present at the ACCIÓ’s booth (CS400) and will also present an immersive installation. They offer all kinds of integrated solutions in all activities carried out in the audiovisual sector.

Visyon exposes a set of LED screens and offers a round table to talk about its new project VIVIM. It will be located at the Mediapro stand (6D600).


Members with their own booth:

The CCMA (6D400 – Hall 6) will exhibit activities related to new technologies, including the new 360º and 3D multi-camera experience of Eufòria and the live 360º multi-camera production of Castells.

Lang Iberia (3H600) is a provider of video equipment. They offer rental and sale of high-end products and their installation and operation.

SONO (6E700) presents, together with Brainstorm, the Edison PRO solution. It is an innovative template-based playback application that will transform any live online presentation or conference into an immersive experience using AR and virtual environments.


Members at Cluster’s booth shared with Barcelona City Council (CS300):

UNIVRSE is specialized in creating collective immersive VR and AR experiences, which can be shared with up to one hundred users.


Partner companies at the ACCIÓ’s booth (CS400):

Blit is a content creative studio for brands, events, music and art. They work with large companies and institutions from visual design to immersive experiences.

Blackfish will present the range of solutions they offer, such as: manufacturing mediaservers to power LED screens on TV sets; better tools for mapping; an own set to carry out live performances or recordings in virtual environments. You will be able to see a 360 VR tour of their studio, as well as an immersive experience in some of the environments they have created this year.

Ebantic will present its new projects in Blochchain Integration, AI, news writing in the cloud, sharing systems and collaborative management of news and programs, news web portals and industry 4.0.

Emogg is a company that offers technology capable of identifying the emotions of users in live sessions.

Eurecat is a technology center, specialized in strategies for innovation and economic growth in the cultural and creative industries.

NRD Multimedia designs audiovisual production centers with open and scalable professional solutions for each client.


Cluster members that will be at the IOT Solutions World Congress:

The Computer Vision Center participates as an exhibitor with a booth that wants to be a meeting point to discuss the transformative power of Computer Vision technologies in the IoT industry. They will be at booth 16 of the Catalonia Pavilion.


You can check our program here.

Winners of the Audiovisual Pitching Development Awards

The 8th edition of the Audiovisual Pitching Session closes with five projects awarded with the Development Award that includes €2,000 and professional mentoring so that they can be finalized.

The awarded projects are:

“Braves”, in the fiction category, is a series about a group of friends, a loss, two summers that separate them and a hidden truth. By Olivia Vila, Irene Soriano and Laia Castilla from Blanquerna URL.

“El silencio de los peces”, in the international fiction category, is a feature film about a kid who is brought back to an old Colombian town to live with his grandparents and he will slowly start descoverig the truth kept secret by the town. By Juan Alejandro Bermúdez and Isis-Victoria Jana Rampf from the Internationale Filmschule Köln.

“Efímero”, in the non-fiction category, is a documentary series that goes into the lives of people who have suffered from a mental health problem or illness. By Carla Casimiro Valenzuela and Roger Galano Ramos from TecnoCampus.

“Raz Circus”, in the video game category, is a board game with a complementary application that includes Augmented Reality and promises an innovative experience. By Marina Urpí Agustí and Silvia Masllorens Montero from University of Vic.

“Remote”, in the category of new windows, is a digital immersive experience, which uses virtual reality as a technology to move us to a parallel universe, an unknown fictional reality. By David Mallén from BAU.

Audiovisual Talent Week closes its 8th edition

Last week from November 14 to 18, the Audiovisual Talent Week took place at CaixaForum Barcelona. It is an initiative of the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia that encompasses a series of activities aimed at connecting new emerging talent from catalan, spanish and european university centers with professionals across the sector.

Its main act was the Audiovisual Pitching Session, where 80 students from 36 university centers presented 50 projects in front of representatives of companies and professionals across the sector, in the categories of fiction, non-fiction, TV formats, video games and new windows. This year, and as a great novelty, the pitching was more international than ever: 25% of the projects were from outside Spain and there was a session of fiction projects that the students presented to professionals from all over Europe. After each pitching session, the students were able to have one-on-one meetings with the interested companies.

The opening day consisted of two conferences. The first, The new Catalan audiovisual economy, in which prospects, infrastructures and growth of the Catalan audiovisual ecosystem over the next ten years were discussed, with the Departament de Cultura, Barcelona City Council, CCMA and Mediapro. The second, Greenshooting: sustainability in filming, where a round table was held on the great challenges of sustainable filming, with Fresco Films, K is for Knowledge and the Catalunya Film Commission.

In this edition, during the Meet the Experts session we were able to learn in depth about the profession of sound, from the experts Inés Mirás, Fabiola Ordoyo and Irene Rausell. The presentation of the Talent Pact was also held, with an exclusive projection of the audiovisual pieces made this year, which aims to help emerging talent to professionalize and connect with the fields of live arts and audiovisuals. The presentation was accompanied by the talk “Between the curtain and the screen: contamination between the languages ​​of theater and audiovisuals”, in which the playwright Guillem Clua and the journalist and theater critic Manuel Pérez participated.

Audiovisual Talent Week was completed with networking sessions such as the Market for New Professionals, where people seeking a job in the audiovisual sector were able to meet with companies from Cluster that have vacancies; and the Coproduction Meetings between international producers and Catalan producers to promote co-production.


Audiovisual Talent Week receives the support of:

New development awards for the Audiovisual Pitching projects

The University-Industry Audiovisual Pitching is one of the most relevant events within the Audiovisual Talent Week, which this year is held from November 14th to 18th at CaixaForum Barcelona.

As a novelty for this 8th edition, the production houses and companies in the sector will decide which project in each category will receive the Development Award, with a financial endowment of €2,000 and professional mentorship, aiming to make the projects’ completion more viable.

For the first time, the international fiction category is added in, joining the categories of fiction, non-fiction, television formats, video games and new formats. All participating projects have been conceived and developed by young professionals. Throughout the previous editions, over 180 projects have been presented, 40% of which have been produced or are in production.

The Cluster, main character of the major audiovisual week in Barcelona

We have been to the two major audiovisual events that have taken place in Barcelona during the week of 9 to 13 May. At ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), the world’s largest audiovisual trade fair, and at INPUT, the international public television conference.

We have been collaborating with ISE since it moved to Barcelona in 2019 from Amsterdam. In its landing at the city, the Cluster has served as the connecting agent with the Catalan industry and institutions. We have organized 8 conferences with the participation of 20 Cluster members, which publicly discussed audiovisual and technological issues of importance in the sector, such as immersive shows, LED screens, the potential of the MICE sector in our country and applications of audiovisual innovations in sectors such as the Live Arts. We have had the opportunity to listen to our expert members in metavers in one of the biggest stages of the fair. We also shared a meeting with various international clusters interested in sharing ideas and getting to know our work.

On the other hand, we have organized the INPUT conference together with Pompeu Fabra University, which has brought together 400 professionals from 59 public television stations in 28 countries. Throughout the week, attendees have participated in viewing the new television formats in entertainment and fiction and witnessed debates and round tables from the hand of their professionals. We would like to highlight that there have been 7 Catalan and Spanish productions from TV3, TVE and Betevé out of the 86 that had been presented. It took the opportunity to organize parallel activities that would give visibility to the potential of the city in the audiovisual production sector, such as a route through the cinematographic Barcelona, and a current talk to discuss on the role of international correspondents as providers of information when there is a war and in which professionals from Catalan, Spanish, Danish and Canadian television as well as Ukrainian public television have participated.

The 44th edition of INPUT lands in Barcelona

The Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya organizes the 44th edition of INPUT together with Universitat Pompeu Fabra and with the support of ICEC, Barcelona City Council, TV3 and TVE.

INPUT is a non-profit organization of public television program makers and broadcasters, organizes an annual conference since 1978 to discuss and challenge the boundaries of public TV. This year will be held in Barcelona from 9 to 13 May at the Campus Poblenou of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Roc Boronat 138) and will host 59 public television stations from 28 different countries in order to watch and discuss about public television services.

There will be presented 85 TV programs, divided into 26 themed sessions, to provide encouraging answers to our challenge: How do we keep public television around the world relevant to the audience? The screenings will lead to discussions where the attendees will be able to discuss with the creators of the selected TV programs.

Among these TV programs we can find seven Catalan and Spanish productions from TV3, TVE and betevé. The TV program “Per què volen els avions”, the episode of the successful true crime  “El crim de la Guàrdia Urbana” and the documentary “La Gemma té un pla” from TV3; the series “Yrreal”, “Sequía” and the animated series “Mironins” from TVE; and “Oh my goig!”, the series about sexuality from betevé.

Barcelona also hosted INPUT in 2004 at the Fòrum de les Cultures, and this year hosts it again. In addition, Universitat Pompeu Fabra has been collecting the INPUT Archive in their Library since 1994 and, since that same year, the MINIPUT, has also been organized annually. This is a sample of the best programs that have passed that year in the INPUT.

Open Talent International Pitching

On Monday, March 22, the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia held the first International Open Talent Pitching in hybrid format, broadcast in streaming from Barcelona and with the participation of professionals and audiovisual producers from Belgium, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom and France. Among them, there are Kinomada (Québec) or ALIEF Films (United Kingdom), responsible for works of authorship selected at various world-renowned festivals, such as SXSW, the Malaga Film Festival, the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) , or the Sitges Festival. The event was moderated by David Matamoros, a well-known Oscar-winning producer and also a mentor to the show.

The projects presented come from 4 different universities (La Salle, UAB, UPF and Blanquerna) and previously competed in the Pitching Audiovisual University-Industry in the fiction categories (two real image and two animation), non-fiction and television formats . Thus, the young people responsible for the projects Tripple Nipple, El Escudo de Sherwood, 11, Identidad Digital, Ergasía, Part of You and Meet the Star presented them to this panel of international audiovisual producers. The professionals established links with similar projects in their respective countries of origin and agreed to highlight the good level of the presentations and their interest for the international industry in a very positive overall assessment.

Open Talent is a mentoring program for projects participating in the Pitching Audiovisual University – Industry with special potential for the national and international markets. After a training process to improve these projects, the program concludes with the International Pitching, until now held in person on the sets of international correspondents in Brussels, which this year reaches a greater projection thanks to digital technologies.

Play Cluster AV is born

The Catalan Audiovisual Cluster recently launched this new project for the sharing of knowledge among the audiovisual sector and for the promotion of its members. Play Cluster AV are a series of  audiovisual pieces where the partner companies present their latest innovations in a fresh, creative and short-duration format. This a project with continuity that will be adding new content every week and that will be accompanied by other actions to renew the Cluster’s image. You can watch the pieces here.