The activities and projects promoted by the Audiovisual Cluster fall into three complementary lines of work: talent, innovation and companies.


In dialogue with universities, we detect and mentor the emerging young talent that audiovisual companies need to incorporate.

We create meeting spaces between consolidated companies and new senior graduates with technical and creative professional profiles.

We work in constant dialogue with the academic and training world to know their needs.

We support young talent with mentoring and career monitoring programs. We strengthen collaboration between universities and the audiovisual industry. We bring together new ideas and trends with emerging talent.

We strengthen collaboration between universities and the audiovisual industry.

Audiovisual Pitching University-Industry

A pioneering project in Europe that connects final year undergraduate students with production companies, televisions, distribution companies and technology development companies. About twenty projects, previously selected by a professional committee, are presented to the sector in a pitching format. It’s an initiative in collaboration with Catalan universities that has been open to other Spanish and European training centers.

Audiovisual Talent Week

It was born as a result of the Audiovisual Pitching’s success in order to include other activities aimed at accompanying emerging talent, such as lectures or presentations of success stories, among others. Mixing professionals and students, it has become a real forum for debate on future trends in the audiovisual industry.

Open Talent

An initiative for projects participating in the Audiovisual Pitching sessions that can benefit from mentoring and specific professional support in order for them to integrate the proposal in the market with a higher likelihood of success. It includes personalized follow-up and the possibility of making international contacts.

Talent Pact

It offers students and recent graduates their first professional experience in the audiovisual field. With tutoring from professionals in the sector, they will carry out audiovisual projects in connection with emerging performing arts projects, resulting in a tool for promoting and highlighting their work.

University Table

Every two months, the cluster meets with Catalan universities that offer audiovisual studies to analyze the sector’s training needs as well as the specific needs of young graduates in their transition to the professional world.

Job Markets

we encourage the integration of emerging talent in the audiovisual industry through meeting spaces where the sectors’ companies set out their needs in terms of incorporating new professional profiles, and candidates have the opportunity to present themselves as such and develop a quality network.


We encourage debate, development, cooperation and research in digital technologies applied to the audiovisual industry, a key sector in Industry 4.0.

We connect and promote cooperation, development and research projects.

We introduce digital technologies at the center of the positioning of the audiovisual industry as a key sector in Industry 4.0 and other areas of emerging specialization.

We support our companies in the process of renewing their competitive and excellence capabilities through the incorporation of technology.

We analyze new models and discuss the implications, challenges and opportunities of digital development applied to the audiovisual sector.

We promote the penetration of the audiovisual sector in all areas of industry and services by creating synergies and by building bridges with other sectors.

Audiovisual hub of southern Europe

We promote the creation of a great transversal infrastructure for the whole Catalan audiovisual ecosystem among the institutions.

Focus on Audiovisual Artificial Intelligence

Well aware of the possibilities of developing technological solutions applied to audiovisual uses, we maintain a renewed line of discussion and research regarding the innovations with the greatest future potential: X-Reality, Blockchain, 5G, Big Data, smart speakers, management of files…

Specialization days

We encourage the exchange of ideas, good practices and services by emphasizing a number of topics and making it easier for members to know and adapt their models in order for them to be more competitive in a changing and constantly evolving industry.

Cross-sectoral and intercluster meetings

We explore new business opportunities through activities that reinforce synergies and identify potential projects with other sectors. We work with other Catalan clusters and we emphasize all aspects related to the digital world.


We stand by companies, listen to their needs and connect them at the business, institutional and international levels.

We provide for a close relationship between our members through an exclusive program of networking activities and personalized assistance as a result of an in-depth analysis of their distinctive features.

We organize transversal specialization conferences covering topics of common interest to all members: financing, business management, updating in legal matters, marketing, lines of business…

We promote joint business projects as well as access to financial aid programs.

We maintain channels for dialogue with public institutions to defend together the interests of the audiovisual industry.

We identify business and financing trends as well as potential members and opportunities in international markets.

We advertise the technical, creative and strategic excellence of Catalonia as an international hub in the audiovisual sector.

We establish ways of collaborating with European audiovisual clusters in order to promote shared projects.

Introducing members

Quarterly meetings where three cluster member companies are introduced to the rest of the attendees. They promote mutual knowledge by areas of interest, joint work and prospection for potential business opportunities.

ISE: The most important trade fair in the world

We collaborate with ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), the world’s largest fair and congress in the audiovisual and integrated systems sector. It is held every year at Fira de Barcelona and brings together more than 80,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors. You can see how we collaborate here.

Dialogue with institutions

We participate in meetings with representatives of several political institutions to disseminate the reality and potentialities of the audiovisual sector as an industry, and also present, with a single voice, initiatives for improvement and strategic support. We also keep in touch with other associations and entities in the sector to strengthen the audiovisual community.

Zoom Brands

Annual meeting to reflect and analyze innovations and disruptive trends in the audiovisual, communicative and advertising scene. Mainly aimed at advertising professionals, communication directors, corporate communication managers, marketing and well-known agents in the audiovisual sector.

Business connections

We contact companies after detecting possibilities of understanding. The cluster team organizes informal meetings, with a deep and prior knowledge of all sides.


We organize activities, such as international missions, connections with other clusters and participation in conferences, to expand the international network of companies.

Working Tables

After detecting shortcomings, needs or potentialities in the sector, we encourage joint work between members and with institutions to discuss ways of collaborating that can lead to specific proposals or projects. We also participate in sectoral discussion meetings promoted by public institutions.