Zoom Marques – The brands evolve to reach the millennial

On Tuesday, March 19th, was held the sixth edition of Zoom Marques, a seminar organized by the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya and with the collaboration of the Associació de Directius de Comunicació DIRCOM i Foment del Treball Nacional and the support of  CaixaBank and the Department of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

More than 200 communication professionals focused on Foment del Treball Nacional to know the techniques and values ​​that accompany the new generations; the millennial and Z Generation. With us were Adrià Farrero, director of strategic planning at BuzzFeed NY, Jordi Rosàs, founder of the creative agency  &Rosàs, Noemí Cuní, director of the content agency Broadcaster and Laia Mas, director of Public Affairs & Sustainability of Danone Iberia

This edition has focused on the profile of the new consumer, which rejects the little compromise and lives apart from solid advertising structures. This new generation is able to live in an ephemeral world but at the same time has great values.

The guests, to discuss how to reach this new audience, have participated in a round table moderated by Miquel Pellicer, Communications Director of Lavinia. The speakers came to the conclusion that these newly committed generations need and want real stories, that brands connect with their concerns, which is why companies, if they want to reach this public, can not be independent in the environment that it exists. In conclusion, a sincere and immediate communication is needed.

Finally, after reflections on the future of communication and how to reach these new audiences, attendees have been able to enjoy a networking space to open new links and debate, even more, about how communication evolves and where we are lead to.

Soon we will add the gallery of images of the day.


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The projection of sport through the audiovisual

On March 6th took place an intercluster the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya  and Indescat. Under the title “The projection of sport through the audiovisual”, the members of both Clusters worked together to explore opportunities between the two sectors.

The journey was divided into two parts; the first, was a presentation of the two associations and our partners, Benecé and Lamalanga, who shared with them all, their experiences as producers in the sport sector.

To finish, 3 work groups were formed to develop a work dynamic aimed at identifying challenges and possible projects between the audiovisual and sports sector.

This activity is part of the program of digital innovation, audiovisual and new technologies of the audiovisual cluster of Catalonia.
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Representation of our partners during MWC and 4YFN

Once again, Barcelona has hosted the world’s most important technology, innovation and mobile fair, the Mobile World Congress. As usual, the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya has organized a visit for our partners at 4YFN and at MWC.

During this edition of the Congress, one of the most relevant things has been RV and 5G. Many companies and start-ups have opted this type of technology.

Regarding the partners that have participated, on Tuesday we visited the 4YFN at Fira – Montjuïc. There we had the presence of 4 of our partners, who told us what their projects were about and what are their future challenges. The partners were:

  • Vodity: it is a video on demand platform, that offers films, documentaries and series with specialized content in historical, cultural and scientific field.
  • Tviso: is an online platform with specialized content in the cataloging and personalized management of aduiovisual content (films, documentaries and TV programs).
  • Filmarket Hub: online platform for audiovisual professionals and producers that facilitates the search for projects, financing or jobs.
  • Minushu: start-up specialized in the creation of narrative experiences with immersive technologies: augmented reality and virtual reality.

Thursday was the turn to visit the partners that were at MWC, at Fira-L’Hosiptalet. They presented us their new programs, future plans and what they are betting for now. We visited:

  • Cellnex Telecom: a specialist in wireless telecommunications broadcasting in Europe. They offer audiovisual services to “Smart Cities” broadcasters and solutions.
  • Visyon: is a digital services company specialized in VR, AR and immersive technologies.

This activity is part of the program of digital innovation, audiovisual and new technologies of the audiovisual cluster of Catalonia.
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