“Films for television with catalan identity”, the first collaboration of the Clúster with the Academy of Catalan Cinema

Yesterday took place the first collaboration between the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia and the Acadèmia del Cinema Català in the cycle of previous talks organized by those responsible for the Gaudí Awards. In “Films for television with Catalan identity”, those responsible for the four telefilms nominated for the event that will take place at the end of the month will participate; Sílvia Munt, director, and Àngels Masclans, producer of “Vida Privada”; Lluís Maria Güell, director, and Albert Sagalés, producer of “Vilafranca”; Pere Roca, producer of “El nom” and Ferran Cera, producer of “De la ley a la ley”. The act was moderated by the head of the Media section of Diari Ara, Àlex Gutiérrez.

Among the attendees were many of our members, who were summoned by the Clúster, who participated actively during the session. The day was a great meeting point for the industry and allowed to put on the table many topics of debate regarding the consideration of these productions or the competition that represent the large platforms in streaming both for the conditions in which they produce and for the public procurement they achieve.

For more information, you can read the chronicle that Toni Vall has done, journalist of the Diari Ara, or recover the broadcast that the Catalan Film Academy has done through its Facebook channel.

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Streaming on Set, Tirex Invest i Collateral Bits on the first partners breakfast of the year

Today we have celebrated the first breakfast the year with members of the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya where  Streaming on Set, Tirex Invest i Collateral Bits. were presented.

The first ones that have exposed their business have been Xavi Morón and Baruch Bouis from Streaming on Set. Specialized in wireless technology, they provide high quality image transmission services and, moreover, they are salespeople of products for the audiovisual world. During the exhibition, they put a lot of emphasis on how important, within their day to day, adapt to situations and projects that are presented. They have worked for the Portuguese Football League and Gas Gas, among others.

Next was the turn of Jordi Mendieta with the project Tirex Invest S.L. It is a newly created production company and serves to find new forms of financing through national and international co-productions.

Finally, Joan Rosés has shared with the partners his project Collateral Bits, a digital platform on the impact of emerging technologies in society and, specifically, in the cultural sphere. This project, in the process of development, opens a space for debate over the ethical limits of technology.

You can see more images of the event go to Streaming on set.

This activity is part of the program of digital innovation, audiovisual and new technologies of the audiovisual cluster of Catalonia.
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2018 in impacts

We start a new year and we would like to make a summary of this 2018:

We have had 48 repercussions in the media
The work carried out by the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya has been reflected in the 48 news published in different media; both online, press, radio and television. Access clipping here.

A project selected at Audiovisual Pitching 2016 will be the new TV3 series
Laura Azemar, Natalia Boadas, Marta Vivet and Ona Anglada presented their Final Degree Work at the Audiovisual Pitching in 2016. Almost 3 years later, thanks to the co-production of TV3 with our partner Brutal Media, “Les de l’hoquei “will see the light this spring. Access the news here.

We have grown 31%
We have closed the year with 104 members, the highest since the Cluster was founded 5 years ago.

Constant activities
We have organized and co-organized 35 activities, in which more than 2,300 people have attended. The Audiovisual Talent Week and the Zoom Brands among professionals in the audiovisual and communication sector.