The Cluster closes the year with 31% of new partners

The last meeting and assembly of partners of the year has been held today, where the Cluster’s growth has been demonstrated: since last January, we have grown 31% the number of partners. On this day, the balance of the current year has been presented and a preview of the next one has been made, where more than 40 activities will take place that will embrace the interests of the whole type of companies that are within the Cluster . In addition, a diagnosis of the sector has been done in order to decide on the new strategic lines to be developed.

The fifth year of the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya closes, therefore, with a very positive assessment marked by the notable increase in the number of partners and the positioning in the press of our voice as a sector thanks to the multiplicity of impacts that have had our activities.

A project from the Audiovisual Pitching will be the new series of TV3

Team girls (from left to right and from up to down ): Asia Ortega (Flor), Mireia Oriol (Lorena), Clàudia Riera (Gina), Natàlia Barrientos (Berta), Dèlia Brufau (Emma), Júlia Gibert (Raquel), Yasmina Drissi (Laila) / CCMA

“Les de l’hoquei”, a title still provisional, is the result of the final project of four Audiovisual Communication students of Pompeu Fabra University: Laura Azemar, Natàlia Boadas, Marta Vivet and Ona Anglada. The project was presented to the second Audiovisual Pitching, organized annually by the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya with the aim of connecting the university with the audiovisual industry. The presentation, which took place at the CCCB in December 2016, sparked the interest of several Catalan producers.

TV series is a TV3 production in collaboration with our partner, Brutal Mediawritten by Marta Grau, Núria Parera, Ona Anglada, Laura Azemar, Natàlia Boadas and Marta Vivet, and directed by Kiko Ruiz Claverol and Patricia Font, who will begin filming in January and will be on prime time in April.The series, which revolves around a team of female roller hockey, offers a new generational look that aims to put women’s sport in their place and approach the teen audience.Hockey: a common passion
Emma, ​​Laila, Raquel, Flor, Lorena, Berta and Gina are totally different from each other, but they have a common passion: playing hockey. But Minerva’s women’s section, her hockey club, is bored by the bad results and her president prefers to bet on the male team, because they have better results. But the girls will not give up: they have the creative vision of their new coach, Anna, one of the best players in the world, who returns to the village to recover from a serious injury, but she also hides a great secret.Anna’s innovative game style will confront with girls ex-coaching Terrats that is the actual coach of  men’s first team. However, both of them will show that women’s sport deserves a place in the world. But it won’t be easy, because everyone has personal dilemmas, struggles with their parents, with the boys of the first team, and with a world of adults that does not always understand them.

A new generational and feminine look of sport … and life.

The case of “Les de l’hoquei” is not unique: other end-of-grade works presented at Audiovisual Pitching University – Industry have become or will soon become a reality. This is the video of the first fruits of Pitching Audiovisual that we premiered at the last Audiovisual Talent Week.

In pictures, Laura Azemar and Natàlia Boadas during their speech in Audiovisual Pitching 2016. In the second picture, the scripwriters team working on the TV series with Brutal Media.


Broadcaster, Cellnex and Microgestió on the last breakfast of the year

The last parterns breakfast of 2018 was held on Tuesday 4th with the presence of Broadcaster, Cellnex and Microgestió. As usual in this special days, three Cluster member companies have the opportunity to present themselves to other partners and then there’s a breakfast with networking dynamics that allow them to share ideas, interests and search for new businesses .

The first ones to be presented were Josep Morales from Microgestió a company that has been offering integral services of Apple products for more than 30 years to companies and institutions. Microgestió launched ideas for the future and proposed solutions to the new challenges; the abandonment of the use of the computer and the existing storage options.

The following were presented by Noemí Cuní and Valti Roda, who told us about the transformation to an agency that the Broadcaster producer has suffered. They put much emphasis on how productive the breakfasts sessions organized by the Audiovisual Cluster are, because from one of the previous networkings sessions has born BAS (Broadcaster Audiovisual Services), an audiovisual production company under the umbrella of Broadcaster.

To finish, we also counted on the presence of Jaume Pujol of Cellnex Telecom. Experts in telecommunication infrastructures have exposed the challenges they are currently working on and that can turn the sector around as we know it: the deployment of 5G and the new LoVesTV television platform.