The new data protection law

With the entry of the new regulation on May 25, 2018, we must make an assessment of the current situation, see the impact that will have on a business level, and resolve the doubts about the RGPD.

On Friday July 20 we analyzed the practical application of the general regulation of data protection and also clarified what aspects must be taken into account and which adaptation measures must be taken without excessive sacrifices.

Some of the aspects that were dealt with are the legislative framework in Spain, the Scope of application of the Regulation, the guiding principles for the protection of personal data, the relevant developments of the Regulation, etc.

The problem generated by the need to have the express consent of customers, the sanctioning regime, and the actions to be taken to adapt to the new regulations had an important weight throughout the day.

Ramón Molías and Mark Prats, lawyers in charge of the ICT department and data protection of Riba Vidal Advocats, led the session last Friday.

The 5G and the audiovisual industry

On Tuesday 10th of July we organized an exclusive session for the Audiovisual Cluster members about the 5G and the audiovisual industry.

The speed and latency that 5G will give, will transform the behavior of the users with the most video consumption, and new avenues of audiovisual business will emerge in all areas and channels.

Carlos Cuffí, senior telecommunication engineer talked about the digital transformation and 5G technology as an accelerator of change.

Barcelona will be a 5G laboratory, and the Audiovisual Cluster is already collaborating with the Mobile World Capital.