Internationalize, opportunities and experiences

Opening new markets abroad is an indispensable milestone in guaranteeing the future of the audiovisual industry. In this session we discussed the possibilities of internationalization of Catalan companies, their experiences, challenges and opportunities that are found, and on what policies are being carried out by the Generalitat.

Roundtable with the participation of Carles Brugueras (general director and executive producer of Polar Star Films), Albert Lorente (coordinator of the Industries of the Experience in ACCIÓ-Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company), Miquel Rutllant (president of the Cluster Audiovisual de Catalunya, and general director of the Lavinia Group) and Francisco Vargas (director of the Audiovisual Area of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies). Moderator: Daniel Condeminas (communication consultant).

Video summary of the session:



The audio industry

On Friday, 1st of June, at Primavera Pro festival, we held a discussion table with professionals from several sound companies, partners to the Audiovisual Cluster. An excellent space to comment on the challenges and horizons of an industry that is often underestimated, that of audio.

How have digitalization and new technologies changed the industry? What professional profiles do audio companies need? What are the technological trends of the sector? Can new markets be opened at the local or international level?

Luis Posada (Polford), Pep Aguiló Miquel (Idea Sonora) and Dani Espinet (BSO) were the speakers and Dani Trujillo Martínez Martínez and Carles Reixach of EUMES, as moderators.

Video summary of the session: