Video, Music and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technologies have emerged as a driving force for change, both in the audio-visual and in the music sector. Are they economically viable? What creative potential do they hold? What is the forecast for their future?

In order to answer these questions, the Audio-visual Cluster organized the session “Virtual Reality, Video, and Music,” with internationally-known VR producers, within the context of the professional conference component of Primavera Pro – Primavera Sound.


The session included the participation of Steven Hancock, from Melody VR, the largest music content library of VR; Adam Rogers, from Gentle Manhands, American producer of videoclips and VR animation; Xavi Conesa, from Visyon, a Catalan benchmark company concerning the VR content, the Immersive and Augmented Reality. The moderator was Fèlix Balbas, from Minimo VFX, a 3-D and VFX company.

Goodie Cardboard 360, which works on the distribution of VR technology, distributed VR glasses among the attendees.

Light and Dark Sides of the Documentary Industry in Catalonia

What brought a producer (Tono Folguera – Lastor Media), a creator (Neus Ballús – El Kinògraf), a distributor- festival (Juan González – DocsBarcelona), a thinker (Jordi Balló – UPF), a Danish critic (Tue Steen Müller – founder EDN), a television programmer (Miquel Garcia – TV3) and a representative of the administration (Blanca Piulats – ICEC), together at a single table?

Docs 2017

Why did they meet at a round table moderated by Paco Escribano (Absolute Minority) attended by more than a hundred people, including a prestigious selection of members of the audio-visual sector? Invited by the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster, as part of the DocsBarcelona Festival of 2017, in a session titled  “The documentary industry in Catalonia”, they spoke about the evolution of the sector since it began to be developed in Catalonia and the challenges that the industry faces – and will face – both in the present and the future.

Docs 2017 III



The Cluster is Awarded the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Certification

El The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis has awarded the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster with the  Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative

The certification, awarded after research undertaken by the European institution, evaluates the Cluster according to the European models and confirms that it complies with European quality standards.

The Bronze Label gives the Cluster access to a network of international contacts. The award represents a great step for the Cluster project, as its principle aim is to form connections between companies and institutions from the audio-visual sector both nationally and internationally.