Final Cut vs Premiere. Trends in Post-Production

The changes applied to both main video editors (Final Cut and Adobe Premiere), plus the latest developments in storage systems are, on the whole, a reflection of the trends affecting the field of post-production globally: new forms of collaboration, the pace of work, team organisation and new technical requirements.

Therefore, the Cluster organised for the first time at the headquarters of SGAE a technical session on post-production: “Final Cut vs Premiere. New Workflows with a Collaborative System of Data Storage”, together with partner company Microgestió, specialising in implementation of new technology and training.

Saudi Arabia’s GCAM visits the Cluster

A delegation from the Saudi Arabia General Comission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM)visited the Audio-Visual Cluster and met with a dozen member companies. The delegation, led by Muammar Al-Fahad, Director of Investment Development, outlined plans to build an international Media Hub in Riad, with the aim of promoting the audio-visual sector in the country with the help of foreign companies.

The Media Hub strategic areas are set to be video games, training, infrastructures for production and distribution, pay-TV, and animation and design.

Catalan companies in the audio-visual sector were invited to take part in the project and to suggest ideas for its development. This is the second time the GCAM visits the Cluster and both institutions have agreed to maintain permanent collaborative contacts.

The US Audio-Visual Model. Catalan Experiences in the United States

Last February, the Cluster organised together with the PAC a session on the French audio-visual model, which set off a series of activities aimed at analysing the audio-visual industry in other countries. This time it was the turn of the United States. The session “The US Audio-Visual Model. Catalan Experiences in the United States”, in coordination with the Americana Film Festival and held at the headquarters of SGAE-Catalonia, saw the participation of a group of Catalan audio-visual companies from various fields with the shared experience of having carried out projects on the other side of the Atlantic.


The session, moderated by Noemí Cuní (Grup Broadcaster), was based on the experiences and perceptions of the audio-visual sector in the United States by film producers Sergi Moreno (Lastor Media) and David Matamoros (Zentropa Spain), TV producer Albert Grau (Reset TV), 3D modeller and animator Fèlix Balbas (Minimo VFX),and US producer Kyle Martin.

Kyle Martin