Presentation of the Economic X-ray of the Audio-visual Industry

The Audio-visual Cluster presented the “Economic X-ray of the Audio-visual Industry in Catalonia”, a report that shows the main features of the audio-visual sector in Catalonia, in relation to Spain and some other European countries.

According to the study, the Catalan audio-visual industry is beginning to recover after losing 40% of its economic value during the crisis period of 2008-2013, one of the most severe economic downturns in Catalonia.

Among the indicators of recovery: the increase in television advertising investment in 2015, the implementation of the audio-visual tax for telecommunications operators, and the improved economic climate experienced by members of the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster.

The event was held at the Cercle d’Economia de Barcelona and enjoyed the participation of Marta Llatcha, of the Technical Office of the Culture Department, Xavier Cubeles, a researcher at Eurecat and professor of the economics of the creative industries, and Manel Pérez, deputy director of La Vanguardia.

The study and the speakers´ presentations can be downloaded HERE