The Cluster Promotes the AEI Barcelona Media Alliance

The Catalan Audio-visual Cluster, along with the Technology Center of Catalonia (Eurecat), the Catalan Encyclopedia and Acceso Group, signed the constitution agreement of the AEI Barcelona Media Alliance, an association aimed at promoting research and innovation in the cultural and creative industries.

The cultural and experience-based industries are one of the seven sectoral leader focus areas of the RIS3CAT strategy, aimed at promoting research and innovation for smart specialization in Catalonia as stipulated by the EU for this field.

The activities of the Barcelona Media Alliance span the cultural and creative industries and especially the audiovisual and multimedia industries, books and print media, advertising, cultural heritage, archives and libraries, visual arts, and the performing and musical arts .

The Barcelona Media Alliance will take onthe activities of the AEI Barcelona Media Cluster in order to maintain the momentum of initiatives aimed at promoting innovation, which have been in development since 2007.

In Catalonia, the cultural and creative sector employs 103,332 workers and accounts for 2% of GDP.