Collaboration Agreement Signed with the International University of Catalonia

The Audio-visual Cluster of Catalonia and the Faculty of  Communication Sciences at the International University of Catalonia (UIC) signed a collaboration agreement in which they agree to work together in the implementation of projects, studies and events boosting the audio-visual sector.

The agreement, signed by Xavier Guitart i Domenech, President of the Cluster, and Dr. Pere Alavedra i Ribot, Vice-chancellor of the UIC, aims to promote innovation, creativity and talent in both the audio-visual sector and the Catalan university sector.

To this aim, the agreement stipulates that the UIC and the Cluster respectively will participate in sectoral meetings, exchange communications and publications, and inform their respective members about activities and events related to the audio-visual sector.

Second Cluster Member Breakfast Meeting Held

A group of Cluster member-companies, met once again in the second session of the Breakfast Meetings, an event that aims to allow members to exchange ideas and projects alongside coffee, croissants and pastries.

This second meeting counted on the participation of Carles Rams of Ebantic, Felix Balbas of Minimo VFX, and Sergi Vicente of Barcelona Television (BTV).

Carles Rams described the projects and solutions that are currently carried out by Ebantic, a company specialized in organizational systems of digital and multimedia content. For example, he spoke of the BPM4Media, a solution oriented towards managing audio-visual content, as well as the M4Media, a digital asset management solution for digital files.

Next, Felix Balbas presented Minimo VFX, which, though a newly established company, is made up of professionals with long careers. It is specialized in creating animation characters and having an international range of film and publicity customers. Balbas also lannounced a proposal for a future project: the organization of a core of companies and senior professionals working together in order to be able to manage the entire production chain of creating special effects.

Sergi Vicente pointed out that BTV is currently committed to increase not only innovation, but also audience participation. For this reason, BTV opened up a new line of demand for transmedia projects. Furthermore, together with Barcelona Activa, they have created the BTV Lab, a collaborative space that integrates the acceleration of projects, experimentation with data journalism and knowledge sharing.