Rod Perth, President of NATPE, Meets With the Catalan Audio-visual Industry

The viability of establishing cooperation pathways with Barcelona and the possibility of exploring new business opportunities related to its audio-visual content were one of the ideas exposed by the president of the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), Rod Perth, during his lecture organized by the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster in the headquarters of Barcelona Activa. Barcelona’s capacity and prestige and its commitment to the digital world, mobility and new business, ensured Perth, are the keys elements of the future collaboration.

NATPE, held in Miami each January, is one of the world’s most important events around the issue of content markets. As Rod Perth explained, the goal of NATPE is to maintain a business model based on personal and direct contacts, bringing together the major actors of the audio-visual industry, and that stresses transformation and adaptation to changes in the market and consumer habits.

The industry, concluded Perth, is changing due to digital technologies, and content forms the transversal basis for this transformation. “For this reason, the audio-visual world needs to find new, fresher and more innovative ways to open up new markets and to establish new relationships between buyers and sellers”.

Rod Perth’s visit to Barcelona also included meeting with Fira de Barcelona, Turisme de Barcelona, and a meeting at Foment del Treball with the representatives of the Catalan business world.