The Catalan Audio-visual Cluster Signs a Collaboration Framework Agreement With

The president of the Catalan Association of Telecommunication Engineers (, Joan Solé, and the president of the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster, Xavier Guitart, signed a collaboration framework agreement by which both institutions commit to work together in support of the audio-visual sector.

Consequently, the Acoustic and Audio-visual working group of include a Cluster representative who will contribute to the development of the activities of the collective, such as the organization of conferences, seminars, courses and sessions, that serve to disseminate subjects related to this sector.

Moreover, commits to collaborate with the Cluster to facilitate and promote the cooperation between the agents of the audio-visual sector and the TIC sector, to ultimately strengthen innovation, creativity and talent, and to position Catalonia as a recognized worldwide audio-visual center.

Finally, the agreement promotes the organization of joint events in the aforementioned fields.

Jaume Codina, representative of the Committee of in the Acoustic and Audio-visual working group was also present at the signing.

The CAC and the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster Will Promote the Creation of Points of Commonality for Agents of the Sector

The president of the Catalan Audio-visual Council (CAC), Roger Loppacher, and the president of the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster, Xavier Guitart, have signed a collaboration framework agreement between these two institutions. The signing event was held at the CAC’s headquarters.

The framework agreement stimulates the collaboration between both parties to increase the promotion, knowledge, dissemination, and strength of the Catalan audio-visual sector, as well as the promotion of mechanisms to guarantee the rights of users and the protection of minors.

Specifically, this agreement states that both organizations will cooperate in order to create and strengthen dialogue and commonalities between public and private DTT and FM communications service providers, telecommunication operators, providers of new communication services, audio-visual content production companies, technology companies and companies developing mobile applications.

Moreover, this agreement stipulates that both the CAC and the Cluster will work together on projects, research and vitalization activities related to the audio-visual sector. Especially, it will promote research and awareness of new audio-visual communication services, new screens and new business models.

The CAC will also invite the Cluster members to participate in the Forum of Communication of Catalonia and in roundtable discussions hosted by the CAC to debate about subjects concerning the audio-visual field and sector regulation.

The UPF and the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster Will Collaborate in the Communication, TIC and Culture fields

The Pompeu Fabra University and the Catalan Audio-visual Cluster have signed a collaboration framework agreement by virtue of which both institutions will work together to promote training, dissemination, innovation and research in the audio-visual, communication technologies and cultural fields.

Jaume Casals, rector of UPF, and Xavier Guitart, president of the Catalan Audio-Visual Cluster, signed the agreement, which has a timeframe of two years (extendable) and takes into account that the scope of collaboration will be progressively updated by means of action programs regulated through specific framework agreements.

Present at the signing event were Xavier Binefa, director of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC); Xavier Ruiz Collantes, dean of the Communication Faculty; Enric Reig, director of ESUP; Josep Blat, professor of DTIC and Josep Gifreu, emeritus professor of UPF (on behalf of the director of the Communication Department). Representing the Cluster were Jaume Pujol, Joan Rosés and Miriam Mendoza.